Message from CEO

Message from CEO

" Close to people, cherish nature, hope for the future. This is corporate spirit of ORChem "

Since the beginning of the 1960s, the PCB industry has grown into a core component industry in Korea. Over the past 50 years, Korea has overcome many trials and failures, raising its status as a PCB industry powerhouse. ORCHEM, which was established in 1991 and has grown along with the domestic PCB industry, developed the world's first ion type and colloid type process solutions with its own technology in the horizontal electroless chemical copper process in 2013. By successfully applying mass production to major PCB makers, we are able to contribute further to improving industrial competitiveness.

In addition, in line with the high-tech trends that the PCB industry is aiming for, we have established a foundation for strengthening the collaboration system with customers by securing the best technology for SAP/MSAP processes and transferring new office building equipped with advanced research facilities in 2017. ORCHEM is the only Advanced Electronic Material Total Solution Company and will be a strong partnership to build trust as the best partner in the PCB industry, opening the future together with our customers.

We appreciate your long trust and love, and will reward you with the best quality and service. Thank you.

CEO Lee Jae Hyun