Advanced Electronic Material Total Solution Company



ORChem, which was established in 1991, has been striving to change domestic PCB solution market since it was solely dependent on imports from overseas.

We had started to develop the additive from 1996 and proceeded to develop etching chemicals, stripper, non-electrolytic copper plating chemicals. As a result of ceaseless development, ORChem not only possess self-developed technology but also contribute to advance domestic technological skills by supplying more than 150 products to the PCB market in and out of Korea.



  • The one and only domestic company

    For the past 20 years, we became the one and only domestic company who possesses entire PCB solutions as we continuously developed our PCB solutions. It resulted in a great effect on import substitution as well as being only one competitor who can beat multinational companies.

  • Proven reliability for PCB chemicals

    As we have continued to research and develop our solution for the better quality, we established the company called ALS (plating business) so that we can demonstrate our chemicals’ reliability and superiority. In order to improve the quality of the plating, we have been continuously researching and developing, and we have proved the reliability and superiority of the plating quality with high-tech plating technique such as laser via hole plating.

  • Steps toward globalization and internationalization

    We try our best to develop the best quality products in the world to compete and survive in the PCB market. Our employees will communicate and impressed with customers based on mutual communication, and will become a world-class company that builds a company system that meets international standards.