ORChem introduces the road we walked along with customers.


A company you love, a company you're eager to work for

2022 Commendation for merit on the 49th Day of Commerce and Industry
2021 FKI Excellent Advisory Company
2021 Company that pays interview allowance
2020 The 57rd Trade Day, the Ten Million Dollar Export Tower Award
2020 Selected as an Excellent Venture Company
2020 Selected as a Company Specialized in Materials, Parts and
2020 Selected as a Performance Sharing Company
2019 Selected as a Family-friendly Company
2019 KICOX Global Leading Company Certificate
2019 Certificate of Designation Small Giant Company of Korea
2019 Awarded the 53rd Best Taxpayer Award in 2019
2018 Selected as an Excellent Employment Company in Ansan City
2017 Completion a new headquarter and relocation to MTV
2017 Designated as a root technology specialized enterprise
2017~2022yearRe-launched period

A company all employees and family can be
proud of

2016 The 53rd Trade Day, the Five Million Dollar Export Tower Award
2015 Established ORChem Vietnam Co., Ltd.
2015 ISO 14001:2004 / KS I ISO 14001:2009 Certification
2015 KS Q ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008 Certification

2015~2016yearRe-launched period

A company that cherishes the value of +1

2014 Selected as a best job
2014 Selected as promising SMEs in Gyeonggi-do
2014 PCB Prime Minister Award
2012 Management Innovative SME (MAIN-BIZ)

2011~2014yearRe-launched period

A company that creates tomorrow

2010 The 47th Trade Day, Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower
2009 ORChem Co., Ltd. Reestablished
2008 ORChem Co., Ltd. re-establishing the physical division
2008 Merger of Celltrion Co., Ltd.
2007 (Acquired ORChem China Corporation (Shenzhen, China)
2007 Completed construction of Gumi factory (ORChem 2nd plant)

2006~2010yearChange period

Global, Nature, Human and Future

2005 Listed on KOSDAQ, Winning 'Presidential Commendation' for
win-win partnership with SMEs
2003 Began PCB copper plating business
2002 Changed ORChem Co., Ltd., ISO 9001: 2000 certification
2001 Technology Venture Company (INNO-BIZ)
2000 Established Central Research Center
1999 Began production of chemicals for PCB manufacturing process

1999~2005yearGrowth period
Established Dongyang Research Chemicals Co.,Ltd.